#Jet Port | Development

#Neste | Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAS) | Renewable diesel | Renewable feedstock for polymers and chemicals | Developing chemical recycling to combat the plastic waste challenge | Accelerating shifting to circular economy | Creating solutions for migitating climate change

#Ambri | Batteries for clean energy | Liquid Metal Battery | Self heating and regulating | Calcium and antimony as material | Rapid deployment | Scalable | Internal operating temperature 500˚ C | Desert | Arctic | Antarctic | Third Pole | Shipped cells inactive at ambient temperature | Heaters bringing cells to operating temperature | No degradation, air conditioning, replaceable nor any serviceable components | MIT | GroupSadoway Lab | Boston Metal

#Fortum | Renewing the value chain for electric vehicle and industrial use batteries | Recycling and second life solutions for Lithium Ion batteries

#United Airlines Ventures | Sustainable aviation fuel | Aircraft development | Aerospace research

#Neste | MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel | Brussels Airport | NATO Central European Pipeline System (CEPS)

#Urban Air Mobility| UAM | eVTOL | Urban Air Taxi | VoloCopter

#Aerospace Global Forum | Net Zero | Cross sector collaboration | Space launch industry | Small sat constellations | Broadband internet distributed across the world | Satellite images generating insight to predict climate risks | International spaceport infrastructure | Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts | Urban air mobility | Smart infrastructure | Artificial Intelligence | Machine learning | Post pandemic recovery | Geopolitical tensions | Farnborough International Airshow | FINN

#Volocopter | VoloCity air taxi | VoloIQ | Urban air mobility (UAM) ecosystem | VoloPort

#SPIA Consortium | Sangley airport | Yuchengco Group | MacroAsia Corp | Cavitex Holdings Inc. | Samsung C&T Corp. of South Korea | Munich Airport International GmbH | The management services arm of Munich Airport | Arup Group

#Air New Zealand | SAF | Neste | Auckland Airport | New Zealand

#Gaptek | Modular hangar construction | Lightweight system | Turnkey facilities | Fast deployment | Low environmental impact | Capability to be easily adapted and relocated

#Microchip Technology | Tactile Twist on Modern Touch Displays | Reduces Bill of Materials (BoM) | Operates on standard sensor patterns | Eliminates need for openings in the front panel | Configurable knob position, size and number of detents (clicks) | Optional push function | Up to four knob instances | Mount capacitive rotary encoders, also called rotary knobs, over a touch panel | The knob is a passive mechanical element, specifically designed to include at least one conductive pad | The maXTouch KoD touchscreen

#Intel | Kapoho Point Board

#Overture Superfactory | Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina manufacturing facility, the Overture Superfactory

#SkyGrid | AI Based Air Traffic Control

#Rolls Royce | Digital Twinnig

#NVIDIA | MLPerf | Measuring time to train neural networks | Natural language processing | Speech recognition | Recommender systems | Biomedical image segmentatione | Object detection | Image classification | Reinforcement learning | NVIDIA benchmarking suite | MLPerf Training | MLPerf Inference | MLPerf HPC | NVIDIA Platform

#Philadelphia International Airport | Robotic food delivery

#OROK | Automation for baggage handling and cargo handling airside

#BotsAndUs | Communicating with passengers in multiple languages | Providing real time flight information | Guiding people to service desks | Autonomously navigation | Avoiding obstacles

#Hamad International Airport in Qatar | Security robot

#UVD Robots |Sterilising surfaces

#A&K Robotics | Autonomous People Mover

#Haneda Robotics Lab | Haneda Airport

#Ottonomy | Robot at Rome airport

#HSBC Rain Vortex | Autonomous mopping

#General Atomics | Air to Air Laser Communication System | Crosslinks from aircraft to other platforms such as unmanned aircraft, maritime vessels, and space systems

#Chubu Centrair International Airport | Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel

#Kansai International Airport | Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel

#Elroy Air | Autonomous cargo aircraft systems| Vertical take off and landing (VTOL) cargo aircraft | Specially designed aerodynamic modular cargo pods | Commercial logistics | Disaster relief | Firefighting | Humanitarian operations | Replacing difficult ground transportation | Detachable pod | Dropping off cargo | Pickkung up ready to go cargo | Makint deliveries fast | Allowing ground crew to empty or load a pod at their leisure

#Crimson Renewable Energy Holdings, LLC | Cooking oil (UCO) collection and aggregation | Neste